ELSA Digi-Flex
3L-DF/TP 12' Touch Screen Panel

Our digital touch screen panel comes with a propriety software with features like SMS notifications, history log up to 5000 events, and precise leak showcase via floor map. 


ELSA Digi-Flex Control Panel

The 3L-DF/SP is able to support up to 40 sensor modules, 2000 metres of sensing cables, and a 1-9 detection sensitivity setting.


ELSA Digi-Flex Control Panel

The 3L-DF/SDP is a leak locating panel that can support up to 10 sensor modules, with an accumulated sensing cable length of 500 metres, complete with common and visual LED alarm.


ELSA Digi-Flex Sensor Module 3L-DF/SM50

The 3L-DF/SM50 is a sensor module used in conjunction with above Digi-Flex control panels, and allocated sensing cables (up to 50 metres per module).


ELSA Digi-Flex Mini Sensor Module 3L-DF/SM50-LD

The 3L-DF/SM50-LD is a mini sensor module designed for conductive liquids. Capable of sensing up to 50 metres of cable, it also comes with a visual alarm via LED indicator. 


ELSA Digi-Flex Mini Sensor Module 3L-DF/SM50-HC

The 3L-DF/SM50-HC is a hydrocarbon (oil) sensor module connected to our cut-to-length hydrocarbon sensing cable


ELSA 3L-HCS Hydrocarbon Sensing Cable

The 3L-HCS is a reusable hydrocarbon sensing cable used to quickly detect non-conductive liquids such as diesel and other fuels. See catalogue for full range of features and specifications


ELSA 3L-LS Sensing Cable

The 3L-LS is a distance-type sensing cable used to detect water, slightly corrosive and conductive liquids.


ELSA 3L-AS Sensing Cable

The 3L-AS is a distance type sensing cable used to detect highly corrosive and conductive liquids i.e 100% sulphuric acid


ELSA 3L-AD Sensing Cable

The 3L-AD is an Anti-Droplet sensing cable used to detect water, slightly corrosive and conductive liquids.



Typical System Configurations

Different applications require different configurations. ELSA will advise on the best set-up. Here are some typical system configurations for your reference.

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