Leak Detection Systems

Standard Series

The Standard Series features Supervising Panels, Control Panels, and Sensing Cables that form a basic Liquid Leak Detection System. Standard features include precise leak location, liquid sensitivity adjustable, and Fail-Safe Loop-Back — where the system continues to detect leaks in the event of cable break.

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Digi-Flex Series (Hydrocarbon liquids incl.)

Innovating Leak Detection Technologies: Our flagship Digi-Flex Series remains one of the most advanced Liquid (Oil incl.) Leak Detection Systems on the market. In 2018, we introduced new mini sensor modules (including an oil-specific module), thin-film oil-on-water detection modules, and re-usable hydrocarbon sensing cables with rapidest response time.

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Featured Products

Re-usable hydrocarbon Sensing Cable

Fastest Response: Our oil and non-conductive liquids sensing cable has a response rate of about 5 minutes. Thereafter, our eco-class cables can be reused after processing and reset.

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Digi-Flex Touch Screen Panel

Modern-day User Interface: This touchscreen panel revamps the old user experience, providing ease-of-use and relevance. It is able to showcase pinpoint leak location via floor map, comes with a history log of up to 5000 events, and a proprietary software that is simple to use and update.

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Typical System Configurations

Different applications require different configurations. ELSA will advise on the best set-up. Here are some typical system configurations (of both Standard and Digi-Flex) for your reference.

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