Oil & Gas

Besides our flagship Digi-Flex systems, ELSA offers custom design application for Oil & Gas industries. Here’s a quick look at our hydrocarbon leak detection capabilities.

  •  System Features
  •  Sensor Applications
  •  Thin film (~0.1mm) oil-on-water detection

System Features

- Zero false alarm hydrocarbon leak locating system
- Able to detect pin hole leaks
- Uniform sensitivity along the sensing element(s)
- Able to detect and locate precisely multiple leaks – multi element sensor cable
- Detects vapors for quick detection of underground leaks
- High sensitivity, able to detect heavy oils at very low temperature
- Real-time monitoring of the integrity and operation of each sensor
- Easy extension and T-branching of sensor string
- Reduced maintenance
- Dynamically-adjustable alarm threshold, can be trimmed to ignore old leaks (intelligent thresholding)
- Reusable Sensor

Sensor Applications

- Pipeline segments

- Storage Tanks – above ground and underground

- Refurbishment of existing tank farms

- Airport hydrant systems

- Midstream facilities - pump stations, metering stations, pig launchers/receivers, flanges, etc.

- Petrochemical processing facilities Distribution networks Oil rigs and platforms Diesel generators, day tanks, etc.

Oil-on-water Detection

- Fully passive sensor using high resistance elastomer which allow very long operating life — in excess of 25 years

- Detection algorithms adapted specifically for detecting thin films of oil floating on water

- Detects reliably dilbit and other viscous crude oils

- Suitable for freezing conditions

- Can be used in sumps and other applications where water is naturally present

- Sensor exhibits very high sensitivity and can be used to detect efficiently vapors and LPG

- Sensors and module are compliant to installation in classified locations – Class I, Division 1 & 2 / Zone 0, 1 & 2

We have a product that can detect thin film oil (~0.1mm) floating on water of water tank. Please contact us to find out more.

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