How it Works

A quick 30-second animation exhibits how a liquid leak started, detected and located by the panel and then precisely reported. 

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ELSA 3L-TP/12 Display Panel

The 12.1 inch display panel can pin point precise leak location (via red dot on blueprint) and record up to 5000 events in history log.


ELSA Supervising Panel 3L-SP

The 3L-SP is a locating panel capable of overseeing up to 100 Control Panels. 


ELSA Supervising Panel 3L-SP/DP

The 3L-SP/DP is a supervising panel integrated with a locating control panel, thus able to support up to 99 other Control Panels.


ELSA 3L-SP/AP Control Panel

The 3L-SP/AP is a locating Control Panel capable of connecting to up to 200 metres of Sensing Cable.


ELSA 3L-DP Control Panel

The 3L-DP is a locating control panel with common interface through Dry Contact and/or remote supervision RS485 Modbus


ELSA 3L-NDP Control Panel

The 3L-NDP is an Addressable Point Sensor for specific use.


ELSA 3L-NP Control Panel

The 3L-NP is a non-locating control panel with buzzer alarm and common interface through Dry Relay.


ELSA 3L-PS Point Sensor

The 3L-PS is a point sensor with easy installation method


ELSA 3L-LS Sensing Cable

The 3L-LS is a distance-type sensing cable used to detect water, slightly corrosive and conductive liquids.


ELSA 3L-AS Sensing Cable

The 3L-AS is a distance type sensing cable used to detect highly corrosive and conductive liquids i.e 100% sulphuric acid


ELSA 3L-AD Sensing Cable

The 3L-AD is an Anti-Droplet sensing cable used to detect water, slightly corrosive and conductive liquids.

Typical System Configurations

Different applications require different configurations. ELSA will advise on the best set-up. Here are some typical system configurations for your reference.

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